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We enjoy transforming client relationships into life-long friendships.

Bob Foreman

We have purchased and sold eight residences during the last 58 years, each transaction in a different location with a different Realtor. Our most recent effort was the sale of our home in Hampton Lake, and Bobby Raehn overcame some very negative marketing issues, but made that sale the most efficient and painless experience ever. Bobby knows how this market functions; he has an amazing network of professionals;he is tireless; and he is a gentleman.

Thanks Bobby for a job well done.

Bob Albright

You can count on Bob! He is smart, experienced, honest, well-trained, open and forthcoming, and will tell you the truth--always.

There may be more "Flash" with some but your "Stash" and personal best interests will be safe in his hands.

Richard Ulbrich

Licensed PI

I have worked with many Realtors over the years in both buying and selling my homes. Recently I had the pleasure of working with Bob on the sale of a home, and he went above and beyond the call off duty in making the sale “work”. As it got closer to the closing date, a number of glitches surfaced in the deal, and as convinced that I was that they were “fatal” glitches and the sale was dead, Bob never let up, and coordinated a company through much difficulty to rectify the problem and totally appease the buyers and their attorney and realtor.

The sale ended up going through with little time to spare as the house was already packed and moved, and he basically saved the day for all involved. He gave me a straight up answer to every question and particularly the valuation of the home. I recommend him and would not hesitate to call on him again.

This fall we successfully sold my property in Bluffton. I was able to protect my reputation and credit rating. Fortunately, my business activity has materially improved and now I am well on my way to financial recovery.

First, you were prepared to give me good advice as to what the alternatives were under the circumstances. Second, you put me in touch with the right law firm who could make it happen. With out these two elements I am not sure what the out come would have been. While the outcome was not what I chose it to be, it was, I am convinced, the best of the alternatives.

Greg Gum

I had the pleasure of working with Bob approximately two years ago when I needed to sell property in South Carolina. I got his name from an individual at Palmetto Bluff.

I worked with Bob for about a month and he was able to get me the best deal possible. Much more importantly I was able to get to know Bob and realize what A tremendous individual he is.

I can highly recommend Bob even though I have never met him face-to-face. His humility and humanity is incredible and it was my pleasure to be his client.

Gerald and Karla Huebert

It has been a pleasure working with you on all of the real estate we have purchased or sold in Bluffton. Your honesty and council have been greatly appreciated. Where it was good news or bad, you were open about it. Thankfully, we had mostly good news, and now live on the beautiful lot you found for us in Hampton Hall. I feel that we have become friends through the last 4 years, and greatly recommend you to anyone, especially if they are in a difficult or delicate situation since you work exceptionally well with people, and explain things in detail. In closing, Karla and I would like to thank you for the good business relationship we have had together.

Graham Smart

Bob’s expertise as it relates to property threatened with foreclosure was of key importance in our situation. The purchase of our property in Berkeley Hall was a very difficult process but Bob stuck with us through the entire frustrating episode. Thanks to his perseverance, we ended up with a property that we love in a place that we adore. Many thanks.

Bill Phipps

Bob Raehn has an excellent knowledge of the market in which he works. He is interested in his clients, positive and upbeat.

Brian and Rebecca Smith

We have never purchased a home before we didn't know where to start, we called Bob Raehn Brian worked for a local car dealership and took care of Bob and his families cars. We just cannot say enough about Bob he must of showed us 10 houses we had many items on our wish list and were holding out for all of them he was very patient and understanding which was wonderful because anyone that knows Brian knows he is not the easiest person to make happy. We found the house of our dreams closed in 20 days we have been in our home for a little over a month now. We are so grateful that Bob was our Agent or in my words our "Angel" he really has his client's best interest at heart. 

We were so anxious about the closing he took time out of his day to come with us thank you Bob you are one of the family now. Congratulations to your son Matthew and his new beautiful bride!!

Because of Bob’s confidence and his knowledge on this subject, I then decided to take his advice and sell the property on a short sale. Bob guided me through this process step by step. He kept assuring me that this was the right direction to take. He was very up front on how difficult it would be and how much time it would take. His realistic assessment on the challenges we were facing was a major factor in proceeding through this process successfully. He was always responsive to my needs and kept me well informed.

Karen Letien

We had the pleasure of working with Bob Raehn this past spring on buying our first home. To put it simply - he we was the best person to have on our side! Throughout the home buying process we felt extremely comfortable and taken care of.  His professional communication, vast knowledge of the marketplace, and countless business relationships/partnerships with Law Firms, Banks, P&C Insurance Companies made the entire process seamless. His level of integrity and genuine care gives us the upmost confidence to recommend Bob to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!

Buyer from Illinois

In our case, Bob’s knowledge of foreclosures and short sales was extremely beneficial. We were only in the area for a relatively short time and didn’t want to go back home without a plan. The first day that we spent with him, he explained the additional steps in buying a home in foreclosure, what we (and he) could do to prepare in advance for a purchase, and the need to be patient with the process as these purchases usually can take much longer. Bob didn’t discourage us, but wanted us to be informed. As it turned out, we made an offer on a short sale property and closed on it six weeks later! I’m certain Bob’s certification and experience, in addition to his knowledge of the local market and bank relationships, was a huge factor in finalizing the sale.

Last fall I was facing serious financial problems. I met with an attorney for legal advice and explored the possibility of even declaring bankruptcy. I was upside down on my mortgage and spent all my savings in attempt to pay two mortgages on the town house I owned. My earnings dropped by 80% and my investment in the stock market had been materially eroded. The net effect was that I suddenly was insolvent. After careful review, I decided to stop paying the mortgage payments on my second home in Bluffton. I had decided to let my house go into foreclosure.

Bob, this is a Thank You Note which is 6 months or more overdue. Never the less I want you to know how much I appreciate what you have done to take me through a short sale and a foreclosure in this historic time of the collapse in the economy as it pertains to my world of business.

Nick and Kathy

Hi Bob, just a quick note to thank you for the excellant job you did for my wife and I in selling our lot. I have bought sold many properties in my 30 years here in the lowcountry, and without question working with you was my best experience. The way you kept us informed, from postcard mailings to market reports was reassuring, especially since the market is relatively soft for home lots at this point. I truly believe that the short time our lot was on the market before being sold was a direct result of your efforts.

Missie Stein

Bob’s certification and experience was both important and beneficial to me. It stated his commitment to sell my house under the worst of circumstances. His research and experience in Short Sales provided the hope that we would indeed sell my house. Bob is kind, organized, attentive and put together a solid team to work with him. Having met and worked with many Realtors in my life, I do not know another one I would want to go through this process with. Not only did my house sell but I also gained a friend (two when you count his lovely wife)!

Ok.... Short selling a home is a very difficult decision to make . It is also misunderstood by many realtors. Choosing the most experienced realtor is very important. Bob Raehn was my first choice when deciding to pursue the short sale of my home...In my opinion Bob is the most knowledgeable realtor specializing in short sales in the area...He personally understands all the emotion and patience involved.Bob was on top of all the paper work  and relieved me of anything he could do to help.He worked side by side with me an my attorney.There is nothing short about a short sale and the process can take months.Knowing that I had Bob working for me made all the difference in my outcome... Please feel free to edit as I'm not the best writer!

Barbie Lancaster

Broker, Gateway Realty

As a Realtor, I choose to work with Bob with regard to any short sale or foreclosure activity because I feel totally confident that he will be of the utmost help to my clients and me. Bob is honest, practical, attentive to detail, and passionate about succeeding. He has excellent knowledge of the process and is very understanding.

Tim Tanner

Bob was very clear on the expectations, difficulties, timeliness and possible rewards of the whole process of pursuing a distressed home. He was able to clarify answers to questions that other Realtors were unable to. He kept everyone posted, and was successful at pushing the process without causing animosity with key people. Bob’s patience, persistence and upfront communication resulted in success. His certification as a distressed property expert gave us so much more confidence in the long process and kept us hanging in there while waiting on the bank processes to take place.

J & L

My husband and I have worked with Bob for over 10 years in a variety of real estate activities. He and his team recently sold our home in an economy where we thought it impossible. It’s that kind of dedication, confidence, and follow-through that makes Bob so special and valued by our family. In these times, working with a Certified Distressed Property Expert is a must! There is so much to know, and so much information, it was a huge, added plus that Bob had this certification and was able to navigate us through the important factors in the process during the recent sale of our home.


We had the pleasure of working with Bob Raehn this past spring on buying our first home. To put it simply - he we was the best person to have on our side! Throughout the home buying process we felt extremely comfortable and taken care of.  His professional communication, vast knowledge of the marketplace, and countless business relationships/partnerships with Law Firms, Banks, P&C Insurance Companies made the entire process seamless. His level of integrity and genuine care gives us the upmost confidence to recommend Bob to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!